These photos were taken by Irene Doyle at the 2008 New Richmond Bluegrass Festival on the weekend of August 29. It was a great and I mean GREAT weekend once again this year. Great people, great company, good weather and great bands, unbelievable music and voices from young and old, incredible talent, weather was super during the day, a little cool at night.

Thank you so much to all you entertainers, to the MCs, to the volunteers, the Heritage Village, the Festival Committee and everyone who had anything to do with it. It was SUPERB and I hope to see you all again next year.

Irene Doyle


Please take note that the photos on here have been made a lot smaller to be placed on the Internet so they wouldnt take up too much space on the server. This is also only a few of the pics I took, I have many others. If any of the band members would like to have a good copy of any of the photos, please contact me at:


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Open Mic
The Group          Roger Lee Martin           JP LeBlanc & Russell Fugere          
Roger Lee & JP LeBlanc           Silver Fox & Arsene Lapointe          
Silver Fox & Arsene Lapointe
The man on Banjo was from BC but his name escapes me, sorry.

Blue Horizon
From N.S.
The Band           Jessie Haley          Billy Joe Rushton         
Joe Doucet          Mary Haley          Larry Rushton          
# Dallas Ryan          # Dallas Ryan

Caledonia Drive
From the Moncton area
The Band          Ron Savoie           Ron Girouard          Dave Lewis          Calvin Deleavey         

Janet McGarry & Wildwood
From P.E.I.
The Band          Ryan Roberts           Roxeen Roberts          Serge Bernard           Janet McGarry          

The Mueller Family
From Maine U.S.A.
The Family           Laurah & Sarah & George           George           The Family           The Family          

Jan Purcell & Pine Road
From Quebec near Ottawa
The Band           Jon Purcell at the Mic           Jan On Fiddle          

Ray Legere & Acoustic Horizon
From the Moncton area
The Band           Ray Legere           Paul Hebert         
Frank Doody           Bass Player           Ray - Paul - Frank

Ron Girouard - Calvin Deleavey - Ron Savoie          
Ron Girouard - Calvin Deleavey - Ron Savoie          
Workshops           Workshops           Workshops          
Ray Leger & Frank Doody           Workshops           Workshops          
Ron Girouard & Ryan Roberts           Workshops           Workshops           Workshops

Silver Fox
From Campbellton, Belledune, Jacquet River area
The Band           Everett Fournier           Willie Lapointe          
Edgar Duguay           Robert Daigle           Robert & Linda

Timberland Express
From Moncton
The Band          Denis Goguen           Jeff Doiron          
Laurie Chevarie           Paulette Chevarie           Colin Welner

Windy Creek
From Moncton area
The Band          Cormier           Marc Brun          
Cormier           Ron Gaudet           Ghislain LeBlanc

Fans & Canteen etc...           Fans           Sunday Fans           Fans          
Fans           Saturday           Saturday           Saturday          
Saturday           Cantine & Workshops          
Mike Geraghty (security-marketing-website)           Roger Lee Martin (MC)          
Saturday Night Shot           Saturday Night Shot           Saturday Night Shot          
Saturday Night Shot           Fans           Plaque           Plaque           Draws          
Restaurant (Willet House)           Making Friends           Roger Lee the MC         
"The Barn"          John Cameron & friend (Sound)          
Making Sure Sound Is Great          Fans          Fans           Fans          Juggler

Movies of the weekend on YouTube

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