These photos were taken by Irene Doyle at the New Richmond Bluegrass Festival on the weekend of September 1-3. It was a great and I mean GREAT weekend. Great people, great bands, unbelievable music and voices from young and old, incredible talent, weather was super, and hey I even got to go up in an 4 seater airplane to take aerial pictures of the event and the area. I havent come down yet :)

Thank you so much to all you entertainers, to the MCs, to the volunteers, the Heritage Village, the Festival Committee and everyone who had anything to do with it. It was SUPERB and I hope to see you all again next year.

Irene Doyle


Mandoline - Ron Girouard

Dobro - Alan Robichaud

Banjo - Eddie Poirier

Base - Terry Poirier

Fiddle - Eddie Poirier

Mandoline - Ron Girouard
Union River Band (Maine USA)

Union River

Nancy Merill

Ed (Bub) Cooper

Quick Change

Bill Smith (Or Stu Tingley?)

Bill Smith (Or Stu Tingley?)

Ed (Bub) Cooper

Steven Peterson

Nancy Merill
True Blue (NB)
Ron Girouard, Dominic Cormier, Jean-Marc Boucher, Marco Doiron

Silver Fox (NB)
Everett Fournier, Robert Daigle, Edgar Duguay, Willie Lapointe

Rustic Harmony (NB)

Rustic Harmony

Rustic Harmony

Carmen Jackson

Allen Robichaud

Leonard Hicks

Pat Ann Hicks
Eddie Poirier & Family & Friend (NB)

Eddie Family & Friend

Terry Poirier

Rose Poirier

Eddie Poirier

Laurie Beaman

Eddie Poirier
The Douthwrights (NB)

The Douthwrights

Dennis Douthwright

Nadine Douthwright

Shane Douthwright

Andrew Conde

Practice Practice
Silver Haven Cloggers(NB)

Carolle Blais & J.P. (QC)

Bytown Bluegrass (ON)

Bytown Bluegrass

John Richard

Glenn Adams

Neville Wells

Ray Adams

Don O'Neill
Bluestreak (PEI)


Nathan Condon

Andy Paynter

David Blue

Larry Campbell

Roger Wightman
Blistered Fingers (Maine USA)

Blistered Fingers

Greg Cormier

Sandy Cormier

Chad Cormier

Bob Fletcher

Blistered Fingers
Aerial Shots


Roger Lee Martin (MC)

Edgar Duguay (MC) & Tammy

Open Mic

Edgar Duguay (MC)

En Pyjamas

Shootin' The S$%#$

Willet House

Dusty And Pattie

Their Friends

Free Rides

Who's The Monkey?

Batman Was There Too

Rocking Hermel & Wife

Gonna Getcha

Good Food

Special Draws

Special Plaque

Morning Crowd

Afternoon Crowds

Afternoon Crowds

In the Barn

Some Of The Fans

The Trailors

The Trailors

The Trailors

The Trailors

The Trailors


More Trailors

More Trailors
The Sound Men

These Guys Were Terrific, Without Them No Sound

Unbroken Circle

Heritage Village