Waterfront Bluegrass Campout

          The City of Campbellton in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and the CBIC (Campbellton Business Improvement Corp) will be hosting their first ?Waterfront Bluegrass Campout? on Saturday and Sunday, July 28 & 29, 2007.  

        For those of you who are not familiar with the term, ?Bluegrass Campout,? it's a gathering of bluegrass fans where a stage and sound system is supplied for them to do open mike.  Most folks who travel to festivals to hear bluegrass music, play the instruments (the banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass and dobro,) or sing the songs. A Campout gives them the chance to go from jamming it up at their campsite, to playing on stage, and providing the entertainment for the weekend.  

        This event will be FREE to the walk-in public and it will take place at the Waterfront on Salmon Boulevard.  

        For those of you who will be attending with your RV?s (recreation vehicles,) we're happy to provide you FREE rough camping and FREE dumping.  The grounds will be ready to early birds on Friday July 27.  The site for the campers is situated ~ East off of Salmon Boulevard next to Mundle's Service Station on Ramsay Street.  We hope to have signage up to indicate the site.   

        City officials are excited with the prospect of the Campout and they look forward to it becoming an annual event.  

        This is an outdoors event so come prepared and make sure to bring your lawn chairs, find a place in the stage area, and enjoy a great summer weekend on the Campbellton Waterfront with lots of music to entertain you and a place where you are sure to make new friends.  

        CAMPBELLTON ~ a place where they are known for their great hospitality ~ we're waiting for you!