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Willie Lapointe Update

        The lead singer and guitar player for the Silver Fox Bluegrass band spent most of the festive holidays in the Campbellton hospital.

        After going through intensive tests, it was determined that the problem was gallstones.

        Willie went into surgery on Sunday morning January 4th. 2004 and returned home on Wednesday the 7th.

        The January 11 Pickin? Parlor at the Jacquet River Legion was cancelled, but the band is expected to return on Sunday January 25th.

        While in hospital, Willie received visits and email well wishes from many bluegrass friends.

        He would like to thank everyone for their concern over his well being, and looks forward to get back pickin?-and-a-grinnin? real soon. Martin Guitar Update

        Good news. Martin has been moved from ICU to the 4 floor in a private room so he should be able to receive visitors if they can get past the security. Apparently, you can't enter a hospital anywhere if you have even a slight sniffle. They are reducing his pain killing drugs so that his heart rate can stabilize and soon he will be able to start eating again. He's improving ever so slowly but we all knew that the healing process would involve at least 6 weeks.

       Eddie Duguay AKA Whistler


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