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Bluegrass Diamonds 2005


        The Bluegrass Diamonds, one of the Maritime's greatest Bluegrass bands put on a marvelous show for a packed audience in New Richmond on Saturday evening.

        The Cormier Boys; Francis, Vincent and very smart addition to the band, Louis Cormier, who happens to be Vincent's son and a chip off the old block (sorta speaking), were playing for the first time in this area without their mandolin playing friend, Louis Arseneault.

        Arseneault has retired from the band and a newcommer by the name of Richard Bourque has taken his place. Bourque plays many instruments and is a great vocal addition for the boys. Bluegrass Diamonds have been performing high and low, in Canada and the USA and they are not only great musicians but also great entertainers and its always a treat to see/hear them again.

        Their next gig will be, Saturday April 2, Concert, Saulnier Ville Legion, in Clare, NS.

        Should you want to find out more about them you can visit their website:


Another GREAT show boys, thanks! Some nice to see you again.
Irene Doyle


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