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Pickin' Parlor

        On Sunday February the 6th., The Bay Chaleur Bluegrass Association will hold it's monthly "Pickin' Parlor" at the Campbellton Fire brigade hall, on Roseberry st. in Campbellton, between the hours of 2 to 5pm.

        The home of the Bay Chaleur Bluegrass Association which got off the ground December 2004, is The British Historical Village in New Richmond, Que. The Association's goal with the strength of it's members, is to promote and preserve bluegrass music along the Gaspe Peninsula, the North Shore of New Brunswick, and beyond.

        In order to do this, the Pickin' Parlors will be taken to different venues to reach bluegrass music fans, with the March venue to be held in New Carlisle, Quebec.

        For those who would like to become members of the association, Cynthia Boucher will be taking applications at the Pickin' parlor on February the 6th. For those of you who cannot make it to the parlor, Cynthia can also be reached by e-mail at cynthia_boucher@hotmail.com

        Music on the 6th. of February will be provided by northern New Brunswick's Silver Fox Bluegrass and A Touch Of Blue from New Richmond, as well as, local folks who play an acoustic instrument, sing old country or bluegrass songs.

        Cover-charge for the Pickin' Parlor is $3

To become a member, the annual fee is $10

Its an afternoon of music and fun among old friends, and the opportunity to make new ones.

        The Bay Chaleur Bluegrass Association
"Unity In Music, From Shore To Shore"

       Eddie Duguay AKA Whistler


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