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Martin Guitard

        Hi, Eddie,

        Could you pass the message around to your bluegrass friend's mailing list that my brother, Martin is seriously ill in a Moncton hospital. He has acute pancreatitis and it's touch and go at this time. I'll let you know later how things turn out.

        Thanks, Dave

        Hi, Eddy,

        Here's an up-date on Martin.I was talking to Virginia at 10:15 pm today and she told me that Martin seemed to be improving slightly. His temperature is normal and his heart rate is slowly returning to normal. He's taking oxygen through the nose instead of the mask and is using a puffer. He's still having a lot pain in the back but that's from the infection. They are planning another ultra-sound on his pancreas on Monday and that will give them a better idea about when they can remove his gall bladder. Hopefully, his pain will start to subside within the next few days.
Virginia is Martin's wife.



        Update on Martin

        Hi, Edgar,

        I visited Martin in Moncton today and I'm happy to report that he seems to be improving ever so slightly. His doctor told him that he wasn't out of the woods yet but agreed that he was improving. His blood pressure is normal but his heart rate is elevated due to the drugs he's taking for pain. He didn't appear to be in any pain today and is not as bloated as he was on New Year's Day. He is starting to drink water and the doctor said he would probably be out of intensive care by this week-end. Dave

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