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Rogersville's 2008 Bluegrass Festival

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        This past weekend *Aug 22-23-24* Rogersville held their 2008 Bluegrass Festival. It was a great success, well attended, glorious bands, talent like none anywhere else. With special guess Rhonda Vincent. You can find some photos of the festival on my Webshot site in the Rogersville Bluegrass Album. Please remember that the photos are not always the best but I was sitting a few hundred feet from the stage, there was sun on the people outside the stage area but during the day the stage was not lit up and it was quite dark from where I sat.

It's a shame that people put their chairs up front and use them for one band only , they remain in front, empty, (as you will see in most of the photos) taking up the room of others who are there to enjoy ALL the bands not only one or two. They should be made to bring their chairs with them and seating should be on a first come first serve basis.

Two local people performed during the weekend in; Auley Lapointe of Nash Creek, who played the spoons with Eddie Poirier and friends and Joe Gallant of the Jacquet River area and a member of "Highway Bound".