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Eddie Duguay bass & vocals, Willie LaPointe guitar & vocals,
Robert Daigle mandolin & vocals & Everett Fournier on banjo.

        Eddie (Campbellton) and Willie (Jacquet River) met at a Bluegrass festival in 1993, became founding members of the Northern New Brunswick group, Northern Grass in 1995, leaving to form the duo of Silver Fox, 1n 1998. Playing rhythm guitar, Eddie turned to playing the up-right acoustic bass to complement Willie's lead guitar work, in the new duo.

        From 98 to 2003, they played throughout the Maritimes during the summer, and conducted their Pickin' Parlors at the Jacquet River Legion Hall every second Sunday afternoon throughout the winter months.

        In March of 2003, Robert left the group Sweet Grass to join Eddie and Willie, taking up the mandolin as his next favorite instrument to his Gibson guitar.

        In June of 2003, Everett Fournier (Belledune) joined, bringing with him what every bluegrass band needs, a five-string banjo.

        To date, Silver Fox Bluegrass have performed at several festivals in the Maritimes, and the first ever festival in the Province of Quebec (Traditional Days Bluegrass Festival) in New Richmond. where Eddie and Willie are members of the organizing committee.

        Silver Fox Bluegrass also finds time to entertain seniors close to their homes, and are always welcome back wherever they play.

        Check this column each month, to find out what's happening Locally, and Regionally in bluegrass.

        Silver Fox is scheduled to play the Fall Fest in St Jules, Cascapedia, Quebec, Sunday October 5th at 1 p.m.

        The Pickin' Parlor should begin in November. after Remembrance day.

        May your grass always be blue.

        Eddie Duguay AKA "The Whistler"



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