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Friday November 11, 2005
Pugwash, Nova Scotia
Peter Trenholm

Hello everyone,
I thought that I would let you know that Ron Shaw from CTV Television was here this morning to interview me. It was suppose to be about my new Gospel CD “The Little Country Church” & my involvement with gospel music. But once he walked into my basement & saw my extensive collection of records & memorabilia on Hank Williams Senior, it basically ended up being a story on my Hank things with some emphasis on my new CD. I sang one song live for him & he was here for 1 1/2 hours. The interview will air Nov 17th during the "Live At 5" news program. Apparently the program will broadcast live from Amherst that day and they were looking for local news. In the Campbellton and surrounding areas, CTV is on channel 12. So if you have a mind to, you can tune it in. All the best.

        May your grass always be blue.

        Eddie Duguay AKA "The Whistler"



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