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Woolastook Festival Closing

In 2003 some fans and musicians of bluegrass decided to have a Bluegrass Festival at a local campground, on the Miramichi. The first festival took place on the New Brunswick Day weekend in 2004. The difficulties of having a festival on grounds that also have seasonal campers, proved disastrous, and the organizers decided after the 2005 festival that they would not return in 2006. I similar situation has just been brought to my attention by the organizer of the Woolastook Campground Bluegrass Festival. Bob Taylor, (also host of Roger's Cable "Simply Bluegrass) started a festival in the Boiestown, New Brunswick area, and after two years, decided to move to the Woolastook Campground in 2005. After this year's festival a line-up was published for next year's festival, but Just recently he sent the following message to all bluegrass fans.

Dear fellow Bluegrass Fans,

It is with deepest regrets that Corinne and I must advise you that we will not be hosting another Woolastook Bluegrass Festival. This action is taken in part due to the apparent lack of interest of the Woolastook Park Manager/Operator.

We would like to thank all bluegrass fans who made our 2005 festival such a success and we hope to meet again at a festival somewhere. We would also request that the folks mentioned in this e-mail please advise your friends and anyone else you know that may not have email.

Best Regards,
Corinne and Bob Taylor

        May your grass always be blue.

        Eddie Duguay AKA "The Whistler"



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