Here is a Poem about the Phanthom Ship,
written by Bart Firth who is kindly letting me use it on the site.
Thanks Bart

The Phanthom Ship of the Baie Des Chaleurs
You will never get close
To the ship that's a ghost
That sails on the Baie des Chaleur
You may see her at night
Or catch a glimpse by daylight
But you will never get close to the phanthom

Now me and my friends
We were out on a bend
Twas the night of our graduation
We were down on the beach
As drunk as a leech
There was a full moon on the horizon
When out of nowhere
A ship did appear
As crimson as the hereafter
With Masts torched high
And a siren of cries
There were men jumping into the water

Well we found an old boat
And put her afloat
To try and save some of the sailors
But I will be skunked
Even though we were drunk
There was no way to get close to this phanthom

Then up came a gale
and I remembered a tale
My grandfather had told before me
He said," You'll never get close
To the Ship that's a ghost
That sails on the Baie Des Chaleur "