To The Restigouche with Love!

I was only two when I first visited you
I guess that's why I didn't remember you
As I grew, your pictures were so clear
So many that my mother held so dear
Such fond memories were handed down
Of the beauty and the love that abounds
Your people were placed on a pedestal
How could this be possible?
Could it be you hold some magic charm
Over all your old time farms
Now that I have grown
I have come back on my own
I have seen the beauty you behold
And the people are as I was told
You have captured my heart and soul
When I am away, there is such a hole
A void I do not understand
The answer I'm sure it is close at hand
Your beauty has reigned for hundreds of years
Why when I leave, do I shed tears
You have somehow cast a spell over the people
Your mountains and all the church steeples
I feel the magic each time I arrive
It floats in the air and is much alive
I am in love with both sides of the river
Broadlands, Campbellton, Matapedia,
The names all make me quiver
They say I live and breath the Restigouche
Maybe so, if I choose
What better place could there be?
Not anywhere that I can see
A thank you is due, Mr. Shoolbred dear
For having brought my ancestors here
Adams, Busteeds, Fergusons, Sinclair,
Duncan, Mott, Fraser, Mann, and Downs
Are all still in these towns
The wonderful French of Kempt Road
What hospitality I've been showed
I have fallen in love with you
And all your beautiful hues
That is why I write this with love to the Restigouche!

Wendy Cosper