Charlo Has Possibilities

A new industry - the growing of cranberries in Restigouche County - is in process of becoming a reality.

The move instigated by Sheriff J. B. Leger who recently purchased a farm at Charlo and at present indications points to its ultimate establishment as one of the more prosperous, if smaller industries of the County, with much room for expansion.

Hon. A. C. Taylor, minister of agriculture, Fredericton, L. C. Roy, superintendent of agriculture of Eastern Canada for the Canadian National Railways Montreal; E. L. Eaton, Cranberry and Blueberry investigator, Experimental station, Kentville, N.S.; R. A. Smith, Assistant Horticulturist, Fredericton; and E. A. Cooperative representative, Moncton, were guests of Sheriff Leger on Saturday, at which time they examined five sections of land at Charlo. The visitors were highly pleased with the results of their examination and expressed the opinion that the soil was definitely adaptable to the growing of cranberries.

Vines have now been shipped here and approximately a quarter of an acre, will be planted immediately and, should weather condition permit; it is the intention of Sheriff Leger and other interested farmers of Charlo to plant at least a half acre additional.

It is gratifying to note that farsighted farmers of Charlo are taking advantage of the opportunities afforded them of growing cranberries, through the direct interest of Sheriff Leger.