Mild weather
Jan 28, 1910

Fishing and lumbering business suffer on account of thaw.

Never in the history of the oldest resident has Northern NB experienced such a prolonged spell of mild weather. A week ago last Tuesday the weather turned mild and rain fell during the night. Since that time it has been unusually soft and on Thursday it rained hard all day.

The snow has been nearly all melted and brooks and rivers are opening up on account of the freshet. In the river the ice has become weakened. At Dalhousie and up to Point la Garde the river is open and the fishermen at Dalhousie Junction and Dalhousie have had to cease operations. If the mild weather continues the ice may run.

The men at work building blocks for the Restigouche Boom Co. have had to quit work and men are also coming out of the woods.