Parker's lake
Feb. 2, 1909
Letter to the editor

I noticed in your issue of the 15th a report of a town council meeting. Our Town Engineer is credited with saying that I was stabling my horse on land I am clearing near Parker's Lake Brook, and that in the spring this would affect the water. I may say for the benefit of Mr. Black and the public that my teams have been coming into town two or three times a day with wood, timber and logs, and are stabled in town. Last year a few of our councilors, who seemed to think that I should not improve the land they had refused to buy from the former owner and myself, are making false statements from time to time in order to cover up their own shortsightedness. Last season I requested the Board of Health to visit the land in question and give a public report. This to my mind would be much better way than the one adopted. The state of our water for the past year doe not seem to meet with the once favorable praise from our citizens and many visitors.

It is said that our expenses in connection with our water system is nearly $2000 greater than last winter.

Would it not be well to combine the management with the electric light system, thus doing away with so many managers and assistants? Our water system has been quite costly and it is said enough has been spent in disputes and legal expenses to give us a public park, a free library and a municipal home. This ought to set our citizens thinking. Last year we sent to the council board two good men, Richards and Moores, and I believe they have done much to try to settle disputes brought about by lack of good judgment in our town affairs. Would it not be well to make a change?

There is not a day in the year that one does not hear praise of our electric light system. This is in a great measure, due to our competent, hard-working manager - revenue increasing every day - no big law suits no citizen deprived from it or discrimination shown. I have good reasons to believe there has been no increased revenue in our water department.

If by giving the managers of the electric light system charge of our water department would change results, I would strongly favor it and would also favor giving free water to both our newspapers. Our town bylaws, which have been completed after two years earnest thought, have been printed in St John and the money going out. We have a St John gentleman employed. Wait until the bill comes in.

Thanking you for space, I remain,

Yours Truly,
W. H. Wallace
Campbellton Feb. 2, 1909.