Local Contractor Completes Building In Record Time

D.A. Stewart Finished Work at Foundry in Thirty Days.

Work was completed on the McLennan Foundry shell factory last Friday by the contractor D. A.Stewart, just thirty days from the start of preliminary work. The building is now ready to receive the machinery for producing shells.

The new building and ell make available about 4800 sq. ft. of working surface. The buildings are one story in height with the exception of a second story tool room on the west end of the main structure. The buildings are heavily trussed, this re-enforcement making them substantial enough to carry any reasonable weight such as line shafts, pulleys, etc., are eliminating the necessity of centre supports. The entire floor area is therefore undivided and this layout particularly facilitates the advantageous placing and installation of machines.

The exterior of the building is covered with 3-ply, shingle design slate-surfaced paper. The entire roof area is enclosed with matched boards, heavy donacona board, and an outer covering of 3 ply, slate-surfaced roofing. Both the main building and the addition have six-inch concrete floors, these having been laid on well-tamped coal ashes and gravel. Large double doors are conveniently arranged to facilitate the receipt of billets of steel and other component parts, while other doors of similar size and design will permit the prompt delivery of the finished product.

The new plant extension will be heated by a separate unit, which will be installed in a new boiler room outside the shell factory structure. This addition to the plant facilities, large enough to store a carload of coal, will be built entirely of concrete with doors of galvanized iron, thus being as near fireproof as modern construction can make it.

Much of the equipment which will be used in the manufacture of shells is being designed and built in the company shops and a large number of men are at work. The officials of the Foundry are to be congratulated in adopting this policy and thus employing additional men.