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Corner Stone Laid On July 1, 1920

Brief Account of the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Restigouche and Bay Chaleur Soldier's Memorial Hospital.

The laying of the Corner Stone of The Restigouche and Bay Chaleur Soldiers' Memorial Hospital was fittingly observed on Thursday afternoon, July 1, 1920, at 2:30 o'clock in the presence of over 2000 people.

The procession left the Hotel St. Louis promptly at 2.15. The procession was headed by the Campbellton Brass Band and Guard of Honor from the Returned Soldiers. Immediately following the Guard of Honor were the Trustees of the Hospital Board, Mayor and Members of the Town Council and citizens in autos. On arrival at the grounds there was a selection by the Band, after which invocation by Rev. Mr. Camp. His Honor Judge McLatchy, President of the Hospital Board, acted as Chairman, and before introducing the various speakers made an eloquent and touching address, referring briefly to the financial end of the undertaking, and in closing his remarks paid a high tribute to all those or our boys who laid down their lives in the Great Cause. The hospital was being erected as a monument to their great valor. Very touching and appropriate addresses were delivered by His Mayor Murray, Messrs. A. T. LeBlanc and Wm. Currie, M. L. A.'s, Rev. Hugh Miller, Rev. H. R. Harrington, and Mr. Thos. Busteed who spoke for the people of Bonaventure and Gaspe Counties..

The Secretary of the Hospital Board, Mr. A. A. Andrew, then read the names of the brave boys of Restigouche, Bonaventure and Gaspe Counties who laid down their lives in the Great Cause and in memory of whom this Hospital was being erected. Before doing so he explained that it was possible some names may be omitted, but all could rest assured it was no fault of the Hospital Board, every effort having been made to procure all names. He earnestly impressed upon all who might notice the omission of a name to notify him, so that it might be added to the list, as the Hospital Board were most desirous of having every name recorded. He then proceeded to read the names, when every head in the vast assemblage was bowed out of respect to those who had fought our battles and gave their lives in the Great Cause. Following is the list of the names:

Restigouche County Soldiers Killed or Died of Wounds.


Lt Col. A.E.G. McKenzie, D.S.O.
Capt. Oliver A. Mowat, M.C.
Flight Capt. Robt. Kilgour Shives
Lt. Harry W. Ferguson
Lt. Stewart McLean
Lt. Mordant Mowat
Eddie Turner
Daniel O'Keefe
James D. Thompson
J. Arthur O'Keefe
George Hamilton
Stuart Adams
John F. Wall
James R. Gallant
Richard K. Norman
Albert Astles
Armand J. Keeley
R. Currie Ferguson
Phillip Bernatchez
John A. Tope
A. Tristram White
Robert J. Steeves
Arthur Johnson
Be. E. Kain
George T. McRae
George T. Adams
Robert Norris
Frank C. Boucher
John S. Matthews
Lawrence Laurette
Fred McKenzie
Harry Young
C. Stewart McAlister
Ben McNutt
William H. Keith
James E. Thomas
Joseph S. Gallant
G. Almon Savidant
Sifton Mann
Wilfred Deschene
J. Aubrey McLean
Gordon Pratt
Fred S. Kelly
Whitney Tope
J. A. Kain
Ernest Munrow
John W. Clarke
Joseph H. Payne
Patrick Smith
Judson P. Nelson
Woodbury Doucet
J.W. MacKendrick
William J. Walker
C.J. Gallant
Botsford Busteed
Hudson A. Harvey
Harry McLennan
Joseph Shaw
John Durette
Charles E. Killam
Blair Graham
Harold Brown
George Matthews
George Underhill
William J. Murray
Franck Girard
Walter James Leturneau (This name received since laying of Corner Stone.)


Lt. R. C. Dean
Dawson Winchester
Alexander Wallace
Frank Martin
Ernest McKay
L. Henry Carter
William J. Good
Thomas Butler
Thomas Morrison
W.W.H. Morrell
George J. St Onge
Xavier Boudreau
Frank Furlotte
Gordon Mott
Archie McLellan
Athanaise Poirier
K.G.F. Baldwin
Joseph Nowlan
Frank Savoie
W. James Smith
Joseph Boudreau
J. Alexander Furlotte
John Methot
Fred Pallen
Daniel Russell
Gordon Stewart
William J. Theriault
William Williams


Leonard Cook
Thomas Morin


Marc Rioux
R. Willard Crossman


William Bettridge
Ernest F. Noble
Clarence Murray
Boyd Nichol
James Thompson


Lewis Gagnon
J. Herbert Gagnon


Harold Anglehart


John Gendron
Daniel Fournier
Dennis Splude


William McIlwraith
Edward Marcou


John Bois


Lt. Evan McMillan
Edmund A. Dempsey
Walter Levesque
Thomas Beeston
Howard J. Callaghan
James Gauthier
Albert DeCrachie


Gordon McNair
Walter Furlong


John F. Clarke


Robert Kenny


Neil Thompson


David McKean


Willard F. Black


Thos. H. Menzie


Xavier Sewell
J. Meouse
Louis Blais
John Vicaire
James Cameron
Bernard Condo
Louis John
Thomas Morrison


John T. Doyle
Feileberre Arseneault
Harold J. Fraser


Alexander Campbell
George Court


John Edwards


Joseph Ed. Arseneau


Albert Landry


Alexander Dugas


George Bolton

Gaspe County Soldiers Who Were Killed in Action or Died of Wounds During War, 1914-1918.

Victor Adams
Allan E. Ascah
J. A. Beattie
Norman Boyle
Archie Brien
Leonard Bertram
Sidney Carter, M. M.
Leslie K. Coffin
Harold L. Coffin
Harold Clarke
Zeno Diotte
M. Eden
Eric Eden
Ralph Fitzpatrick
William Fitzpatrick
Frank Fournier
George Garrett
Ralph Garrett
B. Guignion
John Guignion
Thomas Harding Arthur LeGrand
Leo. LeBoutillier, D.C.M.
Arthur LeLacheur
J. Erskine Lindsay
Roland Moran
Daniel Milelr
Joseph Morin
John S. McAfee
Joseph Noseworthy
Alexander Patterson
James Palmer
W.J. Palmer
Charles Phillips
Gordon Rose
William Rabey
Arnold Simpson
Robt. West

His Honor Judge McLatchy then introduced Lieut.-Col. Alexander McMillan, D.S.O., of St John, formerly of the 26th Batt. Who was to lay the corner stone. Before proceeding with his address the Lieut.-Col. Was given three rousing cheers and a tiger. He paid a particularly high tribute to all the departed, also to those who had returned home wounded, and to those who had returned apparently in their usual health, on the courage displayed by them in the great war brought to an end only a few months ago. No more fitting memorial the speaker said could be erected for the fallen than a hospital and it was with much pleasure that he accepted the invitation to lay the corner stone of this institution.

His Honor Judge Mclatchy presented him with the trowel and Lieut.-Col. Alexander McMillan, D.S.O., laid the Corner Stone, after which he announced the stone to have been well laid.

"God Save the King" by the Band brought to a close this most impressive and important ceremony.

List of Documents Placed in Corner Stone

Names of Soldiers of Gaspe, Bonnaventure and Restigouche Counties killed or died of wounds during war.
Names of Trustees and Incorporators of the Restigouche and Bay Chaleur Soldiers ' Memorial Hospital.
Names of Architect Kenneth G. Re??? , Montreal; Superintendent of Construction, E. J. Harker; and General Foreman, Charles Forbes.
Names of Officers of The Ladies' Aid of The Memorial Hospital.
Names of members of the County Councils of Gaspe, Bonaventure and Restigouche Counties.
Names of members of the Town Councils of Dalhousie and Campbellton.
Copies of The Tribune and The Graphic.
Names of person performing the ceremony of laying the Corner Stone - Lieut.-Col. Alexander McMillan, D.S.O. of St. John, N.B.
Date of laying of Corner Stone.