The Sproul Estate
Jan 29, 1909

A meeting of the creditors of the late William Sproul of Campbellton, who assigned on Dec. 29, 1908, took place at Dalhousie on Friday. The closing incidents of Mr. Sproul’s life were very pecular and his assignment only three days before his death constitutes an occurrence which is unique in the experience of even the oldest lawyers. His estate instead of being administered in the manner of the ordinary decedent’s is accordingly being treated as that of a bankrupt.

At the meeting at Dalhousie, R. A. Corbett, of this city, who was building for Mr. Sproul a large hotel, was represented by J. King Kelley. Mr. Kelly also appeared for other interests as did A. E. G. MacKenzie of Campbellton. It was decided to make James Kelly assignee of the estate instead of Sheiff Stewart. The hotel property now building on the old Royal—Commercial site, is to be held by the creditors, and the assignee has instructions not to sell. Mr. Corbett has a mechanic'’ lien on the building for $15,000. A concrete foundation has been built for the hotel and $1,700 worth of work has been done on it.