Sketches of the Restigouche

By Irene Doyle

Campbellton's History According to John T. Reid

        The Town of Campbellton is situated in the center of a large stretch of territory, with a steadily growing population. This territory embraces what is known as the International Railway district to the south, with its extensive farming and lumbering; the Matapedia Valley to the West, with its numerous villages of lumbering, farming and dairying; the Gaspe Peninsula to the north and east with its many towns and villages and large fishing and lumbering interests; and the stretch of thickly settled territory to the east as far as Bathurst. In this territory there is probably a population of nearly seventy thousand, which is largely served by Campbellton business firms. This has been recognized by a number of wholesale houses, who have established branches here for the distribution of their products such as oil gasoline, groceries, beverages, automobiles and accessories.

        All these districts are served by the Canadian National Railway, of which Campbellton is a divisional point. It is also the terminal point for the branch lines running to Gaspe in Quebec and to Edmundston in New Brunswick.

        In addition there are bus lines operating in all directions and giving splendid service, and in the summer a ferry runs between Campbellton and Cross Point in Bonaventure County, Quebec.

        All this especially emphasizes the idealness of Campbellton as a manufacturing and distributing center.         To be continued...

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