Sketches of the Restigouche

By Irene Doyle

Campbellton's History According to John T. Reid

        The First Church

        The old church still standing in the old Athol cemetery was first erected at Miller's Point, in order to be near the river, the only means of travel in those days. It was built by the old settlers who carried out the logs on their backs, and intended to do duty both as schoolhouse and place of worship They afterward moved it to the "Pratts", and finally from there to its present situation. Mr. Young, a Church of England Minister, "kept school" on work day nights and preached on Sundays. He is reputed to have been very eloquent. There is a tradition that he once received fifty pounds for a sermon in Montreal. His wife possessed a fine voice and she taught the young people vocal music

        In the time of Mr. Young a meeting was held to decide what church the people should adhere to. The Presbyterians carried the day, but they afterwards found themselves unable to support a minister and applied to the Church of England for supply. That church being largely supported by the State could better afford to look after stray flocks in the wilderness.

        It was not until 1831 that St. Andrews Prebyterian Church was built. The name of the first Elders are as follows: John Adams, Robert Adams, John Duncan, Jonathon Hoar and Alex Adams

        The first ship built in the country was built by Edward I. Mann and called "The Shark". Robert Ferguson also built several ships. The first was named "Caledonia". Bell and Martin, two Scottish Captains, also built ships over sixty years ago, one being built at Martin's Point, the original name of Campbellton, the other at Duncan's Point.

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