Bits and pieces from Old Newspapers of the Restigouche

By Irene Doyle

D. J. Bruce (Clothing)
**Mr. Daniel J. Bruce took up business in the building where A. E. Alexander first had his store. He was a custom tailor and the son of John Bruce and Annie Finlayson. Daniel was a 33 year old widower, born in Heather Dale, P. E. I., when he married, on August 4, 1895, Effie McKinnon, daughter of John McKinnon and Margaret Cook of New Mills. N.B.. He was first married to Belle Leah Flewelling on June 6, 1888, in Kings County, N. B.. On September 22, 1911, D. J. Bruce died as the result of being stabbed in the eye with the tip of an umbrella by Dr. W. W. Doherty. Bruce was a native of P.E.I. who had come to Campbellton 16 years before. He had been married twice, his second wife being a McKinnon girl from New Mills, N.B.. He was survived by two children, two brothers in California and a sister in Rhode Island. One son was born of the second marriage, John Gilford Bruce, born July 1, 1897.

(photo collection Michel Goudreau)

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