Sketches of the Restigouche

The Northern Enterprise
Summer Holiday Number
Campbellton NB June 22, 1898

        This series of articles found in an old Campbellton newspaper tells a story of the town as it was in 1898 and prior to that date. I have copied most of the paper's articles and will place them here one at a time. Should any of you know of such old papers in someone's attic or old picture box please make sure to have them contact me so that these old history clips can be collected and shared with everyone who's interested.

        Some parts of this paper are illegible as it is 110 years old and is held together in many places by scotchtape (the worse thing to put on old documents by the way) the tape yellows and makes the reading very difficult.

        A. E. Alexander & Co.

        No name is better known in business circles on the North Shore than that of Mr. A. E. Alexander. Mr. Alexander began business in Campbellton about fourteen years ago to the store now occupied by the Klondike Restaurant, and since that time, by his indomitable energy and push he has come to occupy a most prominent position among our business men. Personally Mr. Alexander is knows as a shrewd man of business, and the fact that he now occupies theposition of mayor of the town for the seventh term would indicate that his fellow-citizens have a high opinion of his business ability. For a number of years Mr. Alexander did business in his own name, but last year a change was made in the style of the firm, the name being changed to A. E. Alexander & Co. The store business of the firm is under the management of Mr. Jas. P. Alexander, who is well known as a good buyer and an efficient manager. Associated with him as salesmen are Messrs. Herbert and Chas. Alexander and Peter Jamieson and W. F. Commean (Commeau maybe?) as bookkeeper. The firm keep a full line of dress goods and other dry goods , boots and shoes, groceries, crockeryware, shelf hardware, hats and caps, carpets, oilcloths, furniture, flower, meal, hay, and all lines of general merchandise, and their assortment of stock is kept thoroughly up to date. In addition to their general store business the firm operates extensively in the lumber trade, owning one of the largest shingle mills on the North Shore, as well as a winter mill in the Tobique Road. Since the decrease in the price of shingles they have also taken to sawing deal for the British market.

        To be continued.....

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