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The Northern Enterprise
Summer Holiday Number
Campbellton NB June 22, 1898

        City of Monticello

One of the most popular trips in the Maritime Provinces for summer tourists is that from Dalhousie to Gaspe, passing as it does some of the most picturesque scenery in the Dominion. For many years the steamer "Admiral" was employed on the route, but this season the "City of Monticello" has secured the government contract. With much superior accommodation and speed the "Monticello" should increase the popularity of this delightful route with tourists, and her officers are certainly doing everything in their power to make the trip popular with both tourists and shippers.

The "City of Monticello", of which we present an excellent portrait, is a splendid side-wheeler of 666 tons burden. She is registered at Liverpool, England, and was formerly employed on the Savannah and Cuba route, and of late years ran from St. John to Digby. She has a speed of thirteen knots, and her crew number 38. Her main deck capacity is 2000 barrels. The accommodations and equipment for passengers are excellent, having 42 staterooms, and 40 berths converted from staterooms in two corridors, one for ladies and one for gentlemen, with wash rooms in connection. For these berths there is no extra charge, which change will be greatly appreciated bythose who in former years have had to snatch what rest they could on the seats of the cabin. The dining room, situated on the main deck, is splendidly furnished and is capable of seating 64 guests. Those who have had the pleasure of a trip on the Monticello are loud in their praises of the service and the attention paid to their comfort by the officers from Capt. Wasson down.

        The officers at present are: Captain C. J. Wasson; Purser, Frank A. Baird; 1st and 2nd Mates, L'Avage and Pratt; 1st and 2nd Engineers, T. Whelpley and W. Pitt; and steward, E. Thompson. A few minutes on board is sufficient to make one feel at home. Mr. Baird, who is general manager as well as purser, is a young man of energy and ability, and he is evidently determined that nothing shall be lacking to put his boat in the front rank. Captain Wasson is a genial gentleman whom to know is to like, and he is ably seconded by his staff of officers. One of the most important items in the comfort of the traveller is the dining table and in this branch the Monticello is certainly in the front rank. Mr. Thompson, the steward is a young gentleman of experience in the line, and the bill of fare presented leaves nothing to be desired.

        The trip from Dalhousie to Gaspe, passing as it does many points of historic interest, is one that should not be missed by tourists. This is one of the earliest known sections of the new world, and here Jacques Cartier sailed up to the head of the bay on his first trip of exploration, several places still bearing the names given them by that noted explorer. It is quite evident that he must have arrived during a phenomenally hot season, as the Bay of Heats is certainly a misnomer. There are few places where the temperature is more delightfully moderate during the summer season than the Bay Chaleur. The Peace Rock was also named by Cartier, and a more imposing bit of scenery as viewed from the deck of the steamer, it would be hard to find.

        Between Dalhousie and Gaspe the steamer makes 16 stops, nearly all these points having well known summer resorts. New Richmond, near the mouth of the Cascapedia river, is far famed for its fishing. Here the governors general of Canada have for many years spent part of each summer in the pursuit of salmon fishing. New Carlisle, one of the prettiest villages on the bay; Port Daniel, Perce, and Gaspe Basin, which is the summer resort of large members of American as well as Canadian tourists, are all well known for their beautiful scenery, excellent fishing facilities and general excellence as summer resorts.

        Altogether we could not recommend a more delightful two days' trip than from Dalhousie to Gaspe and return on the steamer Monticello.

        To be continued.....

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