Secrests of the Restigouche
by: N. Nomad  

The secrets of the Restigouche,
Are known to only me.
The first to hike this river trail,
Along the IAT.
All through these mountains there is cut,
A canyon long and deep.
And to its flank rush joyful brooks,
From gulches rough and steep.
And o’er this all the trail is laid,
Not for the faint of heart.
Built by a chap they call Maurice,
A classic work of art.
If in you there’s some mountain goat,
‘Twill serve you well, indeed.
Surefootedness on mountain walls,
A skill that you will need.
Will take you days to hike this through,
The miles you need not rush.
For it will take the strongest man,
And turn his limbs to mush.
So, if you’ve got the yearn and bent,
I’d recommend to you –
To come and see what I have seen,
And plan to tough it through.
And now I bid thee, Restigouche,
Enchanted land, farewell.
If you would know its secrets…come!
For I will never tell

[N. Nomad]


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