*Note* These Obituaries are copied weekly from the Campbellton Tribune.

January 7, 2004 issue
Jennie Sorbey
Sanford William Goodine

January 14, 2004 issue
Francis Mallais
Theriault, Stella Pheobe
Leandre Giroux

January 21, 2004 issue
Edna Isaac Mann
Alexander LeBlanc
Betty Lucas
Ann Cooling
Joseph Battah
Marie-Ange Adams

January 28, 2004 issue
Charles G. McLaughlin
Francis Mallais
Joseph Rodney Edward Martin
Harvey Johnson
James Kenneth (Kenny) Noel
Wilfred (T-Boy) Carrier
Winnifred (Kitty) Ide Ouellette

February 4, 2004 issue
John William Payne
Chesley Moody
Helena Elsliger
Marie Aline LeClair
Christina Olscamp

February 11, 2004 issue
Mathilda (Mary) LeBlanc
Charles Frederick Johnson
Raymond Haid Shalala
Muriel, Good Arseneault
Elie LeBlanc
Helena Esliger

February 18, 2004 issue
Ronald Robichaud
Charles D. Smith
Fernande Montefrisco
Eustan Alden Mann
John Joseph Valdron
Jean Francis Sterling
Victor Carrier
Alexina Henry
Eva M. Miller
Dina Parker

February 25, 2004 issue
Alphee Bourdage
Daisy Margaret Murray
Leonida Loubert

March 3, 2004 issue
Connie Godin
Exilda Marcoux
Eva Furlotte
Mary Carlson
Evangeline Hickey
John (Jackie) Ellis
Dorothy McGrath
Dorothy Victoria Gilker

March 10, 2004 issue
Arnold (Cully) Frenette
Joan Mallaley
Joyce Cameron Chapados

March 17, 2004 issue
Patrick Boucher
Sr. Joséphine Buotte, F.J.
Renaud P. Lavoie
Joyce Pettigrew
Georgina Pentland
Maxine Thompson
Mrs. Jacqueline Morrison-Metallic
Yvon Albert
Clarence Williamson
Florence Firlotte

March 24, 2004 issue
Alva Straub
Leo Boisvert
Delphis LaPointe
George (Loune) Pitre Jr.
Charles Roy
Donia Pelletier
Gordon Carmichael
Frank (Bin) Duguay

March 31, 2004 issue
Jeannine Coulombe
Emelia Pelletier
Beluah Firth
Georgette Savoie
Albert Fallu
Opal Parent
Kenneth Downs
Hugh Fraser
Delima Aubie
Gertrude McLaughlin
Tammy (Thomas) Drapeau

April 7, 2004 issue
Ada Louise Payne
Willard Carrier
Irma MacNair
Henry Boudreau
Kevin Nathaniel Firth
Joseph Theriault
Theresa Maltais

April 14, 2004 issue
Charles Doyle
Dora Durette
Steve Macdonald
Kennedy Ann Corrigan

April 21, 2004 issue
Leola Pelletier
Roger Poirier
Edmond O'brien
Janet Mcbroom
Rachel Poirier
Marie Louise Craig
Patrick Irvine
Wallace Murray MacIntyre

April 28, 2004 issue
Osborne Andrew Anderson
Gladys McDavid
Jane Lavalley Parker
Yvonne Keays
Marie Carrier

May 5, 2004 issue
Culligan Ida Mary
Arnold Hickey
Jacqueline Ann Williams
J. Martin Aube
Muriel Delagarde

May 12, 2004 issue
Laurent Lanteigne
Archille Beaulieu
Margaret MacCurdy
Leona Hickey
Gordon Richard Garrett
Cindy Lee Whalen
Denise Malley Kubesh

May 19, 2004 issue
Raymond Thibodeau
Winifred Russell
Hedley Kennedy
Georges LeBlanc

May 26, 2004 issue
Frances Smith
Doris Gauthier
J. Albert Savoie
Lester Pictou
June 3, 2004 issue
Clifford Comeau
Doreen MacLean
John Carrier
Marcia Drapeau

June 10, 2004 issue
Terry Moores
Adrian Lanteigne
Claudia Dickie
Alfred Hickey
Daniel Doucet
Lionel Levesque

June 17, 2004 issue
David Joseph Mallaley
John Berube
Joseph Parent

I know there's a week missing. I'll get around to it sooner or later.. well maybe not..
June 30, 2004 issue
Bernice Steeves
Vincent Martin
Elizabeth Cook
Melinda Audet
Gladys Pelletier
Frederick Ferris
Earl Roussie
Patricia McDavid

July 7, 2004 issue
Conrad Richardson
Kathleen (Murray) Duncan
Leona Grenier
William J. Couture

July 14, 2004 issue
Robin Lee O'Neil
Cora Donaldson
Robert Glenford Mann "Bobby"

July 21, 2004 issue
Frances Coughlan Holm
Benoit LeClair
Doug Parker
Florence Blaquiere
Jules Leger
Charles Irving
Arthur Bourque
Philomene Doyle
Lucie Roberge

July 28, 2004 issue
Conrad Pichette
Audrey Hickey
Gayle (Caldwell) Gray
Donald Philip J. Germain
Marie Berthelot
Lois Fisher

August 4, 2004 issue
Earl Robert Dew
Sterling Cooling
Robin Flann
Bertha LaPointe

I will try to get a copy of Aug. 11 papers, I was away on holidays and missed that one

August 18, 2004 issue
Daniel Baker
John Delaney
Margaret Boudreau
Gordon Carmichael
Edna Poirier
Patricia Ann Caplin

August 25, 2004 issue
Pauline Beaman Miller
Theresa Douthwright
Ronald Lapointe

September 1, 2004 issue
Joseph Pitre

September 15, 2004 issue
John Walter Stewart
Alice Carrier
Lillian Laakso
Joan Steves
Annie Furlotte
Walter Savoy
Normand LeBlanc
Gordon McIntyre

September 22, 2004 issue
Michael Collins
May (Kitty) Savoie
Katharine Alma Archibald

September 29, 2004 issue
Edgar Carrier
Hilda Nelson
Gabriel Eugene LaBelle
Howard Coulombe
Pearl Edwards
Doris May "Geldart" Gilmore
Marc Thomas Santerre

October 6, 2004 issue
Wilfred Goulette
Isabel Frenette
Howard E. Wheeler
Francis Lapointe

October 13, 2004 issue

Alexander Furlotte passses away at 103
Alexander Furlotte

October 20, 2004 issue
Emma Jane Hamilton
Jeannette Meister
Marie Therese Turgeon
Mary Jane Hickey
Myrna Letitia (nee Curtis) Miller

October 27, 2004 issue
Wendell Sharpe
Joseph Justin Essiembre

November 3, 2004 issue
Antoinette (Leger) Gignac
Catherine MacMillan
Pearl Kyer
Gerald Furlotte
Emile Pitre

November 10, 2004 issue
J. Aldin Robichaud
Kathleen Parker
Maynard William Chedore
John David Vermette
Linda Firth

From the Toronto Star
David Sheridan
From Burns Anderson
Chester McDavid

November 24, 2004 issue
Emilia Nadeau
Albert Firth
Darcy Guitard
Joseph Nicholas Doucette
Olive Mann
Hilda Durette
Verbine Isaac Barnaby
Jean Campbell Stevens

December 1, 2004 issue
Alonzo Richardson
Alcime Boudreau
June Carrier
Antoinette Leclair
Dora Savoie
Thomas Howard Maclean
Camille Eugene Allard
Joseph Ned Simonson

December 8, 2004 issue
Edgar Parker
Linda Maude Adams
Lomer Boulay
Marjorie Davis
Melvina Carrier
Carter, Dawn (Mcgarvie)

December 15, 2004 issue
Dr. Kenneth Tulle
Ethel Munroe
Felicia Fitzgerald
Sia Chambers
Yvonne Clark
Florence Daigle
Jean Macnair
Mona Selesse

December 22, 2004 issue
Betty June Butland
Blanche Garrett
Elva Gertrude (Babcock) Mann
Lydia Hickey
Terence Crandell Boyce

December 29, 2004 issue
Lee Macdonald
Evangeline (Van) Lawlor
Alberta Vienneau
Lydia Hickey
Thomas Degrechie
Aubrey B. Gilker
Omer Chamberlain


For those of you who are writing asking about obituaries not being placed on the site fast enough and for those who may want to in the future, I'm sorry but Obituaries have to be typed out of the Tribune and they are done as time permits, on a volunteer basis. If you wish to have the obits as they come out then you should subscribe to the Tribune which is now online for a fee.


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