*Note* These Obituaries are copied weekly from the Campbellton Tribune.

January 5, 2005 issue
Chester Miller
Stephen Perley Jagoe
Jean Adrien Leger
Rheal Theriault
Laura Malley

January 12, 2005 issue
Joseph Lucien Desrosiers
Edna Vincent
Helen Martin (Burns)
Raymond Lavoie

January 19, 2005 issue
Angus Wilson
Doris Parker
Emma Glover Brown
Guy Preston Smith
Felicia M. Fitzgerald
Dr. Guy Reneault
Wallace Roberts
Opal Jardine
Ken Thurston
Margaret (Mamie)(Beaton) Savoie
Marion B. Luta
Shirley Dorothy Perley

January 26, 2005 issue
Ila Jean (Myles) Letourneau
Auley Laviolette
Helen Rouleau
Jeannette Gallant
Jonathan Audit
Charlotte (Ward) Dunphy
Joseph Wilfred Dedam
Lloyd Doucet
Antonia (Tena) Furlotte
Margaret Downs
George Malley

February 2, 2005 issue
Alice Mary (Née Trites) Scott
Adeoda Fournier
Leona Mary Harquail
Bertha Irene Thompson
Marie Georgina Valdron
Alward (Mort) Firlotte
Raymond Ernest Andersen
Reginald (Reg) Stewart
Myrtle Kierstead
Philibert Dugas

February 9, 2005 issue
Benoit Pelletier
Albertine Doucet
Raymond Stewart Gregoire
William Hickey
Kenneth Macintosh
Therese M. Poley
Claira Arseneault
Alcide Louis Fournier
Freda Guitard
Cecile Bois

February 16, 2005 issue
Alistair Charles Irving
Annie Bella Arseneault
Laurence Francoeur
Dorothy A1ine Mann
James Ralph Cooling
Terrance John David Dundon
Laurence Francoeur
Reginald Gordon Stewart
Margaret Downs
Harold (Earl) Clair

Special Obituary
Wyman Clifford Gallie

February 23, 2005 issue
Aline Arseneault
Pierre J. B. Goudreau
Guy Richard Sr.
Therese Bourque Levesque
Mary Agnes (Doucet) Hamilton
James Moffat
Gertrude Gauthier

March 2, 2005 issue
Joachim (J.J.) Lavoie
Germaine Renault Adams
James Ralph Cooling
Richard (Rick) Thompson

Special Obituary
Dorothy Bessie Myles

March 9, 2005 issue
Edward Thomas Grenier
Jeannette LaPointe
Mary Beatrice (Betty) Callaghan

March 16, 2005 issue
Gordon John Thompson
Douglas (Doug) Leger
Raymond J. Savoie
Robertine Bujold

March 23, 2005 issue
Betty Lee Firth
Mary Julia Berube
Georgina Godin
Henry John (Pete) Furlotte
James Edward Lapointe
Marie Lauretta Mercier
Ralph W. Harrigan

March 30, 2005 issue
Gary Trites
Mary Geraldine (Cline) Pettigrew
Norman W. Arseneault
Marcel Wilmot

April 6, 2005 issue
Clarence David Boutilier
Doris Trites
Mildred Allene Petersen

April 13, 2005 issue
Esther Lavallée
Alphonse Diotte
Joseph (Joe) Fenz
Mary Olive Casey
Mary Geraldine (Cline) Pettigrew

April 27, 2005 issue
Barry Ronald Harquail
Jean Fullerton
Norman Roy
Calvin Quigley
Dorina LeBlanc
Hilda Hickey
Donald Patrick Harris
G.L. "Vic" Bujold

Thank you to The Tribune

As of this week, the obituaries will come from the Tribune, who have been kind enough to help, by sending me the typed obits, in return for some of my old photos. All I will have to do is place the HTML tags and upload the files, which is still a lot of work but a lot less than before.

May 4, 2005 issue
Catherine Anne Goupil (David)
Catherine Goupil
Hector Ouellette
Jean Irvine McDavid
Judith Matthews Metallic
Raymond Lapointe

May 11, 2005 issue
William Thomas (Bill) Sherrard
Marion Brophy
Helen Whitney MacMillan
Gordon Stewart
Geneviève "Jeanne" LeClair
Arnold Talbot

May 18, 2005 issue
Alice Branch-Audet
Andrew Joseph Gallant
Jean Irvine McDavid
Paula Legacy
Tommy Audit

May 25, 2005 issue
Gloria Jean Savoie
Mildred Thompson

June 1, 2005 issue
Alice Marie Doucette
Colleen Girardin
Greta Lillian Hicks
James Rodman (Rod) Mowat
John Robert "Jackie" Gillis
Margaret Fitzpatrick
Marion Gertrude Haley Irvine
Nolan Joseph Boudreau
Walter Wade

June 8, 2005 issue
Walter John Hamilton
Sally Ann Belding
Marie Stella (May) Arbeau
Georges Lavoie
Anne Titus

June 15, 2005 issue
Owen Gray
Gladys May Allan

June 22, 2005 issue
Eliza Mildred Fitzgerald
Eugene Savoie
Langford William Barton
Linden Wadsworth Beckingham
Douglas Wirtanen

June 29, 2005 issue
Isabella Margaret Court
Shirley Meade
Helen Marie Sullivan
Frederic A. Cooling

July 6, 2005 issue
Adeline LaPointe
Blanche Hache Lanteigne
Edith L. Adams
Eleanor Mary Connell Heck
Mary Genevieve Fern (Hebert) Allain
Joshua Flanagan
Marc Landry

July 13, 2005 issue
Memorial Service
Raymond Parent
Robert (Bobby) Winton
Roy Thibault

July 20, 2005 issue
Carl O'Brien
Charles and Bernice Forbes
Dawn Ona Avis Pollock (LeTourneau)
Margaret Ann Sutherland (Mann) Murray
Mary Daigle
Memorial Service

July 27, 2005 issue
Wilfred Poirier
Elizabeth Ann Belliveau (nee Parker)
Gerard (Gerry) Plourde

August 3, 2005 issue
Eldon "Dick" Parker
Luc Corriveau
Vivian Margaret (Sheridan) Cooling

August 10, 2005 issue
Anita (Wood) Vipond
Bruce James Sullivan
Frank P. McKenna
Christian Levesque
Garnet Morehouse
Harold Dobson
Jean Marie Diotte

August 17, 2005 issue
Allen Gallon
Barbara Lapointe
Bertha Mary Johnson
R. Eldon Steeves
Gerard Levesque
Mary Laura Bernice Gallant
Myrtle Isabella Millican
Stella Johnston

August 24, 2005 issue
Barbara Elizabeth Taylor
Jean (nee Arsenault) Babin
Richard George Charbonneau
Watson Carl Alexander Laakso
Wilson Garrett

August 31, 2005 issue
Cecile McDonald
Bishop, Celeste Joan
Eleonare (Pitre) Moran
Gordon A. Babcock
Johanne Patterson Bulmer
Lena Margaret Babcock
Myrtle Poirier (Savoie)

September 7, 2005 issue
Danny Russell
Michael Ray O'Connell

September 14, 2005 issue
Beatrice Judith
Michael Ray O'connell
Roger Joseph Lavallee

September 21, 2005 issue
Albert Howard Firlotte
Cecile McDonald
Douglas Ronald Harquail
James Albert "Jim" LeClair
Margaret Alexandra (Henderson) Craig
Mary Louise Guitard

September 28, 2005 issue
Emily Travers
Gordon Dempsey
Hazel Ruth Brown
Philip (Munn) Roy Garry Wysote
Regina (Cabot) Tellier

October 5, 2005 issue
Margaret Edna Gray
Sadie Guitard Beattie

October 12, 2005 issue
Emily Travers
Iona Ramona Doiron
Patricia Valdron
Sister Louise Boudreau, f.j.

October 19, 2005 issue
Brenda Legacy
Daniel Ross Jones
Doris Kathleen Roherty
Hectorine L. Delaney
Nicole Harquail

October 26, 2005 issue
Edmond LaPointe
Francis Ivan Godin
Jack Daniel Landry
Priscilla Henrietta Dryden
Ronald Savoie
Sylvain Plourde

November 2, 2005 issue
Christine (Tina) Allain
Daniel Ross Jones
Dorothy Porter
Geraldine LaPointe
Jean-Guy Tremblay
Lucien Roy
Marius Heppell
Mary Grace Thompson LeBlanc
Yolande DeRoche

November 9, 2005 issue
George Albert Gallop
Margaret Firlotte

November 16, 2005 issue
Allan Gerald Foster
Arthur Roy
Blanche Chamberlain
John Sharpe Davidge
Lewis Flanagan
Roland Thomas Craswell
Ronald Clarence Mann
Therese LeClair

November 23, 2005 issue
Dorothy Margaret Stephenson
Gerald Roland Benoit
Laura Alexandra Harquail
Marie Jeanne Bernard
Paul H. Gallant

November 30, 2005 issue
Clarence J. Stevenson
Emilienne Godin
Marie Marthe Bella Comeau
Mary J. Dobson (Matchett)
Mary Jane Moores
Valmont Albert
Roy James Stinson

December 7, 2005 issue
Mrs. Edna Violet Gauthier
Edward Mallaley
Jonathan F. Palmater

December 14, 2005 issue
Alban Mazerolle
David Allan Gillis
Edouard LeBlanc
Marie Jeanne Paradis Bernard
John Wallace (Wally) Coulombe
Muriel Court
Reta Berthelot

December 21, 2005 issue
Frances Marion Murray
Pearl Landry
Sister Patricia Doyle, f.j.
Thomas Hanley

**Note** There were no obits for December 28th, 2005 **


For those of you who are writing asking about obituaries not being placed on the site fast enough and for those who may want to in the future, I'm sorry but Obituaries have to be typed out of the Tribune and they are done as time permits, on a volunteer basis. If you wish to have the obits as they come out then you should subscribe to the Tribune which is now online for a fee.


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