*Note* These Obituaries are copied weekly from the Campbellton Tribune.

January 2, 2008 issue
Juliette Firth
Kathleen Mann
Yolande Harper
Gilles Soucy

January 9, 2008 issue
Della Myree Boulay
Donald Richard MacLean
Gerald Loran Wadsworth Burris
Gilberte Gaudreau Keays Gilbert
Godfrey Dobson
Jean Parks
COLE, Ann Wilson
William Gallant

January 16, 2008 issue
Earl Walker
Évangeline Comeau
Gerard Savoie
Margaret Wheeler
Ralph Munroe
Rose Marie Doucet

January 23, 2008 issue
Amanda Diotte
Barbara B. Miller
Catherine Guitard
Earl Walker
Randolf Keith Mann

January 30, 2008 issue
Barry Delaney
Jean H. Magee (Caldwell)
Mathias J. Plourde

February 6, 2008 issue
Daniel William Nichol
Donald Richard (Dick) Firth
Georgette Ouellette
Harvey LaPointe
Kenneth L. Guthrie
Marion Mae Robertson
Nicole Gagnon
Stan Harris
Wilfred J. Lutes

February 13, 2008 issue
Allison Harold Gallie
Antoinette Pitre
Price, Leona "Lonie"
Linda Farrar McMillan
Vera Shaw
Vesta May Connors

February 20, 2008 issue
Abraham Guitard
Angus Perry
J. Arthur Blais
Guy Carman Mills
Robert (Bob) Olscamp
Sylvette Ouellette

February 27, 2008 issue
Hélène Poirier
Robert Fournier

March 5, 2008 issue
Alphonse LeBourque
Helen Frances Ferris
Joyce McDavid
Hennigar Thomas Russell

March 12, 2008 issue
Beatrice Isabel Kennedy Isaac
Cheryl Margaret MacLean Berent
Gordon Hachey
Margaret (Bryant) Chedore
Valmont Paquet

March 19, 2008 issue
Giles Esliger
Mabel Jones
Marie Jeanne Thérèse Butler
Mary Lavoie
Peggy Lynn Harquail
William Jr. Arseneault

March 26, 2008 issue
Austin Dobson
Bernus Norman Grey
Daniel St-Laurent
Donna Joan Waller (Parent)
Elizabeth Valdron
Irene E. Dow (Ditty)
Percy Donald (Sonny) Hocquard

April 2, 2008 issue
Benjamin (Bennie) Audet
Donald Williams
Whylie Hamilton
Willard Loane

April 9, 2008 issue
Martha Chamberlain

April 16, 2008 issue
Donald Hennigar
Eric Mazerolle
Jacques St-Laurent
Joseph Michael Lloyd (Godin) Goodine
Mary Jane Harquail
Robie G. Littlewood
Rosaire Fleury

April 23, 2008 issue
Albertine Nadeau
Conrad Lavoie
Donna Joan Walker
Isobel Gertrude MacKenzie

April 30, 2008 issue
Nancy Anastasie Dedam
MacDonald, Bertha

May 7, 2008 issue
Alice Desbiens
Dorothy Helen Adams
Sam Talbot "Papa Sam"
Emile Guitard

May 28, 2008 issue
Anne Walsh
Charles Edward Senechal
Joseph Cleophas Daigle
Doreen Fecteau
Alexander Goodine
Simonne Henry Roy
Angeline Eva Vallis Maria Fontaine
Blanche Irene Taylor

June 4, 2008 issue
Melinda Couture
Joseph Cléophas Daigle
Alexina Dugas
John D. McInnis
Fabien LaPointe
Joseph Alphonse "Konk" LeBlanc
Rick (Frederick John) McRae
Kenneth Scott Murray
Vivian M. Murray
Agatha Marie Portelance
Rene Roy
Isabel Doris Stewart
Gabriel Wysote Jr.
In Memory - Inez Boudreau
Stanley N. Connors
Hector Doucet

June 11, 2008 issue
Bazil O'Brien
John Gilbert Brisk
Gordon Charest
George A. Gaudin
Sarah McCabe
Norman Shea
Sheldon Carrier
Ivan Parker

June 18, 2008 issue
Bazil O'Brien
Olive B. Gallant
John (Jack) Manning Mitton
Gwendolyn Bertha McDonald (White)
Melvin S. Steeves
Sterling Alvin Morrison
Rita Mary Themens
Fred Cooling

June 25, 2008 issue
Eva Lee (Isaac) Jacques
Ada Hetherington
Bertha May Mitton
Linda Durette
Jerry N. Bujold
Melvin Valdron
Kimberly Barbara

July 2, 2008 issue
Karen Ann Munro
Doug Doucett
Norma Sevenson
Burl L. K. Richardson
Robert LeBlanc
Léa Girard
Ronald Robert Geraghty
Ethel Gagnon
Baden G. Firth
Jean Paul Caron

July 16, 2008 issue
Kenneth W. S. Dunn
John "Jackie" Michael Ferguson
Clairine Pitre

July 23, 2008 issue
Ashlee Carrier
Rita Marie Chandler
Don McGregor
Everett McGarrigle
Ginger Dewitt
Mary Lilly Isaac Swasson
Gerald A. (Jerry) Miller
Shirley Elizabeth Holland

July 30, 2008 issue
Bobbie Jo Labillois
Clayton Carrier
Nicole Frenette
Margaret (Peggy) Hamilton
Opal Annabella Irvine
Bruce Johnson
William R. McGovern
Gertrude Roy-Bujold
Shirley Elizabeth Holland
Earl Joseph Vienneau

August 6, 2008 issue
T. William (Bill) Allen
Cora Levesque Carrier
Pat Curry
Joe Gagne

August 13, 2008 issue
Clifford Edward McDavid
Fernand Pinette
Yvonne Daley

August 20, 2008 issue
Reuben C. Main
Reginald ( Junior ) Doucet
Matthew Corrigan
Ethel Mallaley

August 27, 2008 issue
Yvonne Daley
Vernon Ward
Mary Saulnier
Loretta (nee Flynn) Furlong
Joseph Leo Lavoie
Daniel George Parker
Cindy Rivers
Anna Sophia Chamberlain

September 3, 2008 issue
Loretta Vezina
Francis A. Sharpe
Evangeline Mcintyre
Wallace Byron Lane Boudreau
Andrew O'Connell

September 10, 2008 issue
Joshua Calvin Firth
James Thomas
Dorothy and Royce Calder

September 17, 2008 issue
Gerard F. Arseneault
Roy Doucet
Philip Gaudin
Margaret Barnaby
Joseph Chester Anglehart
Hector Guitard

October 1, 2008 issue
Roy Doucet
Mary Harquail Flaherty
Antoinette Levesque
Jane Savoie
Jacqueline Dubé Mill
André Lapointe
Aline Léa Gallant Butler

October 8, 2008 issue
Elsie Thompson
Ora Adeline Abraham
Martha Sarah Fair
John Robert Sutherland
John Grey Fair
Joan Mary Wright
Georgina (Toone) Mercier
Francis Girard
Elsie Lorraine (Chedore) McLaughlin
Claire Dupuis
Albertine Ouellette

October 15, 2008 issue
Bonnie Roberta Banks
Ada Frenette
Ruth Barber
David Thomas
Angeline Landry
Priscilla (Furlotte) Stansfield
James R MacIntyre
Joséphine Jones

October 22, 2008 issue
Agathe Caissy
Aimé Roy
Clifford Comeau
Gabriel LaPointe
Glenn Cedric Ford
Howard Firth
Laurine ( Vienneau) Wilsher

November 5, 2008 issue
Charles Savage
Father J. Albert Richard
Sylvain Nadeau
Marguerite Doucet

November 12, 2008 issue
Ronald Hamilton
Ian Byers
Harold Poley "Papa"
Gordon Godin
Geraldine Gagnon
Elizabeth LeBlanc

November 19, 2008 issue
Winnie Plourde
Martin, Elsie Doris Langlois
Marc Rioux
Lorne Thomas Irvine
James Briggs

November 26, 2008 issue
Michael Chamberlain
Leola (Lola) Allard
Jack Carrier
Ernestine (Guitard) Roy
Alex Miller

December 3, 2008 issue
Lorne Warmen Mundle
Wayne Woodworth
Rhoda Carrier
Marie Anne Soucy
Joop Sanders
Gérald LaBelle
Evangeline (Doiron) Irving
Dr. Benedict Pothier
Catherine MacGarvie
Bernice Brooks

December 10, 2008 issue
Peggy Mary Dawn (Flanagan) Felix
Paul H. Chiasson
Lilian, Duncan
Joseph Thomas
Jean Guy Marcoux
Ernestine Branch
Louis H. Boudreau
Albina Lapointe

December 17, 2008 issue
Theresa LaPointe
Exilda Guitard
Elva Kelly 1923-2008

December 31, 2008 issue
Yvonne Hickey


The obituaries are now taken from the Tribune's website and placed here after converting them to HTML. Their website only keeps them online for a month or so there is no archives. On here they will be kept as long as the site is up for past references.


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