Welcome to the OLD NEWS section of RestigoucheNET

I have access to some old newspaper clips and will place some on site now and then for those who are interested in finding out more about the Restigouche area and the way it was. How it has changed etc. Let me know how you enjoy these news clips

Splendid Work of Institutions Part One (1939)
Splendid Work of Institutions Part Two (1939)
Hotel Dieu Nurses Graduate (1946)
New Pump for Fire Dept.(1944)
Good Supply of Lobster (1946)
One of the worst train wrecks in this area (1909)
Havelock Ingram's Story (1909)
Azade Landry (1909)
Car Plunges Over River Bank (1946)
Robert Barbour Faces Second Trial (1939)
Grand Jury (1939)
Anderson Inquest Adjourned (1939)
Warden Fraser Greetings (1939)
New Phone Line to Val d'Amour (1919)
Sentenced For Failing To Work (1944)
Ray J. Farrer The Victim In A Tragic Accident (1944)
North Shore Boys Wanted To Halifax (1939)
Low Insurance Rates (1911)
Twelve Convicted (1956)
Arlington Hotel (1910)
The Gov. Wharf (1909)
Council Meeting (1909)
W. H. Marquis Bowling Alley(1909)
The Zephyr (1886)
Hotel Dieu Yearly Report (1908)
Dalhousie Newsman Dies
Ferry Blessed (1945)
Salmon Fishing (1963)
The Canada (1909)
The Town Seal
The First Phone Part 1
Civic Life
Water Supply (1890)
11 Dalhousians (no date)
Natal Day (1909)
The More It Changes (1909)
Shields Pounding Policemen (1980's)
The First Phone Part 2
The First Phone Part 3
Daley Assault
Daley Gets 10 Years
Canadian Bride Wanted
Street Plowing 1891
The First Phone Part 4
The First Phone Part 5
The First Phone Part 6
The First Phone Part 7
The First Phone Part 8
Oak Hall McRaes Improvements 1909
Police Report 1910
Alexander Bite 1909
Dog Taking Census 1909
Matapedia Boys 1909
Ferguson Brothers 1909
Prominent Kelly 1909
Water On The Brain 1909
Doucet Murder-Suicide
Findings Keepings
Greek Baptism
Severe Punishment
New Wharf
Miscellaneous Outfit
Mann Warning
SMH Corner Stone
A Snow Auto
Poker Smoker (1910)
Streets (1910)
Pupil Standing (1909)
Dalhousie Boy Wins Military Honors
Relief Houses Bought
Vinigar Hill School
Something Wrong
Gypsies (1913)

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